A Balham shop owner is appealing for witnesses after almost £3,500 worth of goods was stolen from his shop in the station. 

The incident happened in the early hours of this morning (November 2). The thieves reportedly broke in through the door facing Balham High Street. 

Rajiv Damani, who has owned Balham News for several years, said: "I came into the shop and all the cigarettes and float cash was gone. It looks like they tried to kick the door in, which loosened the window. 

"They managed to take the window out, had the cheek to place it against the fridge and make the crime. I don't know whether it was planned but there have been a few other robberies in the area recently. Its devastating and has ruined my weekend." 

Police were called at around 6am. No evidence was left behind and there is no CCTV available. 

Balham News has been a staple of the station for many years, with commuters stopping by to make quick purchases in the stored before their commute.

Mr Damani is appealing for anyone who saw anything to come forward.