Shocking footage has emerged of an altercation between the occupants of a car and a van on Battersea Park Road on Friday, November 2. 

The video shows a van driving onto the wrong side of the road and crashing into a black car. The passengers of the car, including a child quickly get out. 

In a statement released by Met Police, a spokesman said the occupants of the car smashed the van with weapons.

Wandsworth Guardian spoke to the driver of the van, who said the people in the car had used a hammer and a knife on his van.

He said he acted "in fear of his safety" when he rammed the car, adding he was "left with a cut on his arm and his passenger was hit by a hammer".

The van is seen to reverse from the initial collision, before crashing into the car a second time.

Police confirmed they were called at 3.35pm and arrested the van driver, 28, on suspicion of actual bodily harm and dangerous driving.

They also arrested the male driver of the car, aged 34, along with a passenger, a 29-year-old women, on suspicion of affray and possession of an offensive weapon. 

All three were taken into custody at a south London police station and were later released under investigation.