Marta Szreder might not be able to grow a moustache, but that isn't going to stop her raising money for Movember

In the UK one in eight men will experience mental health problems, so the owner and director of Wandsworth business Marta Beauty London said enough was enough.

She has teamed up with the Movember charity this November to raise awareness of the dangers of men not talking about how they feel.

“We all have a men in our lives who we love, whether it is a father, brother, husband, son, uncle or nephew," she said.

"For too long men have avoided discussing their feelings, but we want to encourage our clients to get them talking."

Due to Marta’s client base largely consisting of women, she felt it was an excellent opportunity to implement a call-to-action and encourage an open approach to starting a conversation with men about their physical and mental health.

"We are asking for a small donation to the Movember charity," she continued.

”Unlike male fundraisers, we would rather not be committed to growing a moustache, but we are providing fake ones for effect.”

To donate to Marta's cause, click here.