Work to build 64 homes on vacant parts of the Westbury Estate in Lambeth is expected to begin before the end of the year – the first stage of redevelopment on the estate.

This comes as Lambeth Council looks to upgrade and intensify the number of homes on the estate with 270 new homes – a net increase of 232 new homes, according to council documents.

The 64 homes, which make up the first phase of redevelopment, will be built by the St James Group as part of a section 106 obligation from the St James Albert Embankment development.

“These 64 homes will therefore form the first phase of the redevelopment of the estate, creating new homes into which existing residents can move to enable redevelopment of the wider estate,” the report explains.

Plans for the estate, which includes the demolition of 86 homes, include 40 per cent of homes to be let at council rent levels.

The total 478 homes on the future site more than doubles the current 242 properties.

The two 20-storey towers on the estate are not part of development plans.

“Apart from the two towers, the density of the Estate is very low, particularly

given its central location and good accessibility to public transport,” according to the council report.

“There is also potential for wider benefits such as improved housing stock (given the poor condition of some of the homes) and improvements in public realm and general urban design and character of the Estate,” the report continues.

Westbury Estate is one of six estates included in the council’s estate regeneration programme, through which 200 council homes have been built since 2014 with a further 700 homes expected in the next few years.

Of the 270 new homes, 66 will be one-bedroom, 125 will be two-bedroom, 72 will be three-bedroom and seven will be four-bedroom.