A Putney woman, who plagued her neighbours with loud music and late night shouting matches, has been taken to court by Wandsworth Council and fined a substantial amount.

Samira Miranda-Martin subjected other residents on the Ashburton estate to prolonged bouts of late night music and loud voices.

People living nearby complained that every few days in the summer of 2017 – having only just moved into the flat - loud music would be played into the early hours of the morning, punctuated by shouting and offensive language.

Lavender Hill magistrates were told that Ms Miranda-Martin had received a series of warning letters from the council’s housing department warning her to cease or face legal action. When those warnings were ignored she was told to appear in court where she faced eight counts of causing a noise nuisance.

Ms Miranda-Martin, who lives in Tildesley Road, pleaded guilty to all eight offences and was fined £525 and ordered to pay court costs of £252.

Housing spokesman Cllr Kim Caddy said: “The magistrates have imposed a quite a hefty fine in this case. They obviously felt that Ms Miranda-Martin’s disregard for her neighbours warranted a heavy financial penalty.

“This case should act as a warning to anyone who thinks they can cause such problems with impunity. If you live on one of our housing estates and choose to behave selfishly and unreasonably then this is the sort of fate that awaits you in court.”

Since the summons was issued there have been no further noise complaints relating to this property.