A Tooting and Balham physiotherapist is warning wannabe dancers that the flossing dance craze, made popular by the video game Fortnite, could cause knee problems.

The owner of Instant Physio, Ed Thompson, 28, has noticed more under 35s complaining about knee problems in the past six months, leading to him dubbing the problem 'Floss Knee'.

As an experienced physiotherapist who specialises in knee pain, Mr Thompson has dealt with countless knee-related injuries. He said more kids and adults have complained to him about pain on the inside knee.

"Flossing involves a very lateral movement from left to right, but the knee is made to move in a hinge motion. This movement isn't normal so can cause pain," he said. "The knee is not used to moving laterally, as in left to right.

"When people come into my practice complaining with pains in the inner-knee, they believe its because of dancing. When I press them on the dance moves they use, it tends to be the popular dance move flossing.

"This is similar to 'Blackberry Thumb' and 'iPad Shoulder'. People move their bodies, especially their joints, in ways that they are not meant to and this can cause pain." Mr Thompson advises anyone suffering with knee pain to consult their local physiotherapist.

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Flossing is a popular dance craze which was made popular by the video game Fortnight.

"It involves moving your arms from side-to-side and move one behind your back, as if you are flossing, as you switch sides. It is one of the most popular dance moves of 2018, with people of all ages attempting to master it.