Travellers will be banned from calling a popular sports ground home after a group caused "considerable damage" to it earlier this year.

In September, 13 caravans and 22 other vehicles illegally parked on Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields.

During the thirty hour incursion, cars were dismantled which resulted in broken glass left on the playing surface, goal posts were broken and considerable detritus and rubbish deposited across the area.

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This cost the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators, a charity which manages the Commons, £18,000 to not only clean up the mess left behind, but to repair the damage done.

The WPCC then decided to seek an injunction covering the entire Commons against further incursions.

Nearly a month later an 'interim order' was granted by the High Court against ‘persons unknown occupying land and/or depositing waste on land’. In essence this granted temporary reprieve from any Traveller incursion.

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Then last week the WPCC obtained a three year injunction order.

Diane Neil Mills, chairman of the board of Conservators said: “The confirmation of a three year injunction order against persons unknown ‘occupying land and/or depositing waste on land’ forming any part of Wimbledon and Putney Commons is welcomed.

"This will provide the Commons with significant protection in line with the Conservators’ duties under the founding Act of Parliament of making the Commons available for the purposes of recreation, exercise and other purposes."