Residents in Battersea are concerned about their safety after Wandsworth Council has asked them to remove a lock from their gates.

Families in Dungeness House, York Road, decided to install their own lock and chain to the gates, to stop non-residential cars using their road to cut through towards Battersea Reach.

Len James, 77, a resident in the block, has led the campaign to get locks fitted. He said that due to the location of the block, service vehicles and delivery drivers use their car park to cut through and avoid traffic.

He said: "There is a rat race around our block and it needs to stop. Big vans are trying to get through to Battersea Reach. This not only causes permanent noise and pollution but it is a danger. We have children living in this block who play around the back of the block and they could easily be hit.

"The car park is meant to be used only by residents. We have asked the council about locking the gates, but they have not done so. We decided to buy a chain from B&Q and a lock that would give emergency vehicles and bin men access. But we have been told to take this down or Wandsworth Council will take it off. I will not be taking the lock off."

This further concern of safety comes after Mr James was fined for installing CCTV outside the block.

A Wandsworth Council spokesman said: "Following complaints from two residents, the council has twice consulted all residents of Dungeness House on whether they wish the access gate to be locked – most recently in February 2018. The results of these consultations indicated that none of the other residents who responded wish the gates to be locked so we have asked for this unauthorised lock to be removed."