A resident in Battersea has raised concerns about road safety near his house due to street lights not working.

Steve de Rusett, 54, of Queenstown Road, is concerned about safety on a 'notorious sharp bend' where street lights have not been working for a number of weeks.

He said that he has raised the issue with the council previously and has witnessed many accidents on the bend.

"The lighting is very poor for both pedestrians and motorists, the walls [of the underpass] are painted black and white, to warn of a sharp bend but they are covered in dirt," he said.

"There have been numerous accidents on the bend at the junction of Ingate Place. The fact that the street lights don't work adds to the problem.

"To add to this, the road markings are completely worn and I have raised this with Cllr Dikerdem, who in fairness has been very helpful.

"This is a notorious sharp bend, where drivers exceed the speed limit, and where numerous accidents have taken place.

"The fact these street lights have not worked for several weeks, and the council has failed to fix these is unacceptable and dangerous.

"Drivers and the general public should expect the street to be lit correctly."

Mr de Rusett has lived in Battersea for almost 30 years and he said that he has seen many serious accident's over that time, especially at night.

A Wandsworth Council spokesman said: "We are satisfied we are doing all we can as a council to keep Queenstown Road as safe as possible.

"Our records show that this particular bend in the road has been the scene of one minor accident in the last three years.

"We can confirm that one of the three lampposts there is now fully operational, and a second is having a faulty LED unit replaced today (January 3).

"The third is awaiting work by UK Power Networks. We have asked them to do this as quickly as possible.

"There are several double-bracket streetlights under the bridge that were not suitable to be upgraded to LED in the first phase of work.

"These are being reviewed as part of a future phase of works subject to funding.

"The chevrons will be cleaned within a week and we will look at improving the road markings if we can get a specific location of where this is needed in this very long road."