When it comes to disobeying the road rules, it turns out drivers in Putney are the worst.

A Freedom of Information request by the Wandsworth Times has revealed that since the beginning of 2016, ten streets in the borough have amassed a total of £3,140,475 worth of fines issued by the council for illegal driving.

And sitting at the top of that list is Putney High Street, where drivers have racked up £688,000 worth of fines in the past three years. This hot spot for bad driving, like all the others in the top ten, are monitored by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council explained what that money would go towards.

“The fines imposed in these case are for drivers who have driven dangerously or caused obstructions for other road users," he said.

"They include driving the wrong way down one way streets, illegal right and left turns and blocking box junctions.

"By law all the revenue raised must be spent on transport related services such as repairing potholes, funding free bus passes and taxicards for pensioners and disabled people and also on the costs of transporting vulnerable and disabled children with special educational needs to and from school.”

Here is the top ten most fined roads in Wandsworth, with the street name on the left, the number of total fines in the middle and the amount in pounds handed out on the right.