British Transport Police have had to put out a warning about stupid people blindfolding themselves and walking onto live railway tracks.

The 'Bird Box' challenge has been inspired by a new Netflix film, in which to avoid facing their biggest fears, the characters are blindfolded as they try and find a safe place.

However, as trends go, some idiots of the real world have been blindfolding themselves and doing the same thing.

British Transport Police (BTP) put out a tweet with a "note to the unwise", telling them not to be so stupid.

A spokesman for BTP said: "Not only is it shocking to see that someone is willing to put their life in danger by blindfolding themselves and walking onto a live railway, it’s illegal and a criminal act.

"They are quite literally playing a game of life and death.

“The railway is full of hidden dangers and we cannot overstate how dangerous it is to trespass. Trains travel at incredibly high speed and can often approach silently."

Police said footage of one example of this reckless behaviour, thought to be in South Wales, was being investigated.