It's winter, which means it's likely there'll be snow at some point - and we can show when it is being predicted.

The Met Office recently warned the UK that an Arctic wind was on its way and temperatures are about to plummet.

This week in particular, we will be feeling the cold as temperatures dip below freezing especially at night.

Forecaster Mark Wilson said: "It will get colder from Wednesday. There will also be a widespread frost overnight into Friday."

Temperatures are predicted to stay low for the following week, he added.

Meteorologist Bonnie Diamond said cold polar air from the north-west will switch to a colder Arctic airflow from the north.

Meteorologists have previously warned it's possible we could see similar weather to when Beast from the East battered the country last year.

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But when is it going to snow?

According to Accuweather, London is likely to see a flurry of snow on January 22, so this is your warning, to get the winter boots out.

Then we are forecast to see more snow at the end of the month on January 26 and 27 and then a few more flurries as we go into February.

If it is anything like last year, with the snow storms, then it might be worthwhile to make some other plans, maybe work from home.