A Wandsworth man has been left heartbroken after his father's grave was vandalised in a disgusting attack.

Adrian Willis had made his way down to the Wandsworth Cemetery when he noticed something wasn't right.

"As I got to there and walked up the steps near the railway, I noticed a few headstones that were laying flat which shocked me because it’s not something you normally see," he told the Wandsworth Times.

"As I walked up to my father's grave I felt physically sick and angry, but more hurt than anything else."

But the worst was still yet to come as he realised some treasured memories had also been snatched from the site.

"A beautiful rose tree he had on his grave since 1997 was gone and a gold scripture from the bible was gone," Adrian said.

"It’s really sad because I will never get those back.

"Some old fences and a lady’s headstone was dumped behind his cross, at that point I just felt so disgusted to see the dead disrespected in this way."

He took to Twitter to share his disgust and got a response from the police who shared Adrian's outrage and said they would try their best to prevent this happening in the future.

"We will seek to work with the council to find ways of stopping this before it gets out of hand," Earlsfield police said.

"Disgusting. Very sorry to hear and see this."

Having had time to digest what happened to his father's final resting place, Adrian's stance on the matter hasn't budged.

"I have had time to think about the last few days and my feelings are still the same," he said.

"My father was a solider, he carried the flag for this country, he and everyone else in that cemetery does not deserve this.

"I visit my dad's grave and things are missing, graves nearby headstones knocked over like this one dumped behind my dad's cross.

"A place off rest disrespected."