Empty shop windows in Putney High Street are being covered up in an effort to tackle fly-posting and graffiti.

It is also hoped that the environmentally friendly ‘virtual windows’ will help improve the town centre’s aesthetics and attract more shoppers.

Positively Putney Business Improvement District are leading this initiative and its chief executive, Nicola Grant, said they were making "good progress on attracting quality businesses."
"Recently we’ve had Gail’s Bakery, wine shop The Sampler and clothing shop Trespass setting up in the heart of Putney," she said.

“However, we have a few shops temporarily empty, and while we work to fill them, we are covering them with ‘virtual windows’ made out of vinyl."

The new windows can also be found at vacant shops like Halfords, M&S and Starbucks. 

"Not only do they look good and attract shoppers and visitors to the area, they will help cut illegal fly posting and slash our street cleaning costs," Ms Grant added.

“Measures like this will help Putney town centre remain an attractive location in the Capital and thrive for years to come.”