A Wandsworth man has fought and won a court case after being issued a whopping 65 parking tickets.

Now he wants to let others know so they don't get unfairly charged either.

Darren Bolger moved to the borough in 2000 and set up a residential building company.

He was even awarded the Badge of Honor by the mayor of Wandsworth in 2015.

But that same year whilst living at the Riverside Quarter is when his run of parking fines began.

He had borrowed a car from his brother to keep in his allotted underground parking space but over the next two years was served with 65 Parking fines by UK Car Park Management who had a contract with Frasers who manage the estate.

"I challenged the court applications but lost over £1,000 paying the fines," Mr Bolger told the Wandsworth Times.

"As the registered keeper of the vehicle, my brother was the defendant and I, the witness.

A hearing date was given for January 22 this year for a hearing lasting two hours in Wandsworth County Court.

"My brother is also a master tradesman and along with our younger brother, both work on extremely tight deadlines, completing major refurbishments on hospitals for the NHS for terminally ill children or people with mental health issues," Mr Bolger added.

"My brother was therefore unable to attend.

"I attended instead and with a mountain to climb and approximately £10,400 for all 65 parking fines, I decided to look even deeper into the evidence."

This led to a "lightbulb moment" as he looked at the boundary restrictions.

"I began taking photos and noticed to my shock, that the parking bays where I had previously parked had been completely covered in bright yellow chevrons in an attempt to remove the bay as a parking bay," he said.

"I knew that I had the point that would solve the case, not only for me but potentially, for the other residents and felt excited."

Based on this, the case was dismissed.

Now Mr Bolger is asking anyone else who may have received a ticket while in the underground car park.

"I would like to reach out to the residents to contact me so that I can support them in fighting their corner and preparing a defence to their same parking scenario and recovering the funds paid," he added.

"For my time and effort, I would like to charge 10 per cent of all recoverable penalties and donate them to the Mayor of Wandsworth’ chosen charities."

He has asked that anyone wishing to contact him email him at eastfieldsparking@yahoo.com and include their full names and addresses at the Riverside Quarter Estate and how many parking tickets that they have received.