Residents in Tooting were left confused after a picture emerged on social media of what appears to be the skulls of two sheep decorated with food and cigarettes.

The picture, taken by Chris Gurney, shows the skulls placed on the ground by a tree, with cigarettes coming out of their noses. 

They are laying on a bed of what looks like yellow rice, surrounded by red peppers. 

According to Chris there have been several reported incidents of "ritual offerings" in Tooting Common, which is often accompanied by alcohol. 

"They appear quite regularly and as you can imagine cause quite a stir," he said.

Speculation is rife amongst local residents, ranging from devil worship and demon invocation to black magic. 

Chris said: "According to the local Wiccan community, the offering is most likely being made by practitioners of Umbanda, which is a syncretic Afro-Brazilian religion that blends African traditions with Roman Catholicism, Spiritism, and Indigenous American beliefs.

"The practitioners are probably invoking or making an offering to Pomba Gira, one of the Umbanda spirits. There are a number of Umbanda / Kimbanda groups around London and even a few facebook groups."