Family members and the community in Battersea came together last week to pay respect to a father-of-two, who was murdered outside his home last year.

Ian Tomlin, 46, was left for dead at the block his family live in on Charlotte Despard Avenue on October 17.

The former boxer is said to have confronted drug dealers and told them to move on, minutes before he was beaten to dead.

Almost six months after he was killed, Mr Tomlin's family laid him to rest on March 1.

Community members from Doddington Estate and the wider Battersea area gathered with local councillors to show their support to his family.

Cllr Maurice McLeod, who was in attendance said: "Losing anyone is hard but the circumstances of Ian’s passing make it all the harder.

"After a church service and the burial, a memorial service was held at Wandsworth Town Hall Civic Suite.

"The community, his family and we councillors are determined that his passing will leave a legacy of change on the estate where he lived and died."

Speaking in the aftermath of the murder, Mr Tomlin's father, Cecil Tomlin said his son shared his fears over people dealing drugs outside his ground floor flat.

Cecil, 84, who lives nearby, believed drug dealers killed his son.

The great-grandfather and dad-of-seven said: "He has been afraid of them. He don't smoke and they were selling drugs outside his house. He told them 'Don't sell here, don't come here and sell drugs because I can't stand the scent of it'."

"He used to do boxing. He was a very good father, I know he was a good man, he was very good and kind to everybody. Everybody likes him. The Government needs to do something."