Plans to demolish the Garratt Mill and build a 300 home "community" have been submitted.

Prepared by Assael Architecture on behalf of The Collective, the application details how the now dismantled site would make way for a new co-living space, with 292 rooms.

But what exactly is co-living?

Well it is a little like living in a university campus, with shared amenities like gyms, bars and restaurants.

"Co-living provides high-quality, affordable accommodation for London’s young working population," the application read.

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"With an emphasis on shared communal space, co-living schemes are not just a home, but create a social experience, bringing people together and creating communities for people who are not currently being served by the traditional housing market."

But amongst those who voiced some concern was a Traveller community who lives in an allocated site to the south of the proposed building.

Issues largely related to a loss of privacy.

"Attendees were concerned the development might overlook their properties and cause overshadowing issues," the application read.

"The development is in close proximity to the Travellers’ site and the potential for overlooking has been reviewed and the design revised as detailed later in this consultation section. "Overshadowing studies show there will be minimal impact on the surrounding properties or Travellers’ sited to concerns over privacy."

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To deal with these concerns, the windows facing the Traveller site have been obscured as to stop any onlookers.

In total there will be just two parking spots for cars in the part eight and part six storey building, but 316 spots for residents to put their bicycles.

The application said there were "a number" of constraints which prevented any more parking.

"The requirement for frequent vehicle access is reduced as car ownership is very low," it read.

"Any proposal will have the minimum parking numbers possible.

"The building has one point of access with 24 hour reception making it very safe despite being slightly remote from other streets."