In July of 2009, Jason Boorman lost his battle to cancer.

Now ten years later, his daughter Lucy and two of her friends will be cycling from Paris to Battersea Park on a triplet bike to raise money for the "dedicated and amazing people" who helped Jason in his time of need.

"To mark ten years since he passed, we have come up with this crazy idea to raise some money for the Garden House Hospice, a charity that supported him, my family and continues to support many families affected by this awful disease in the darkest times of need," Lucy said.

"Despite how much I hate cycling, and for that matter how much I hate Lycra, this is something that’s got to be done to ensure the hospice keeps offering support to those who need it the most.

"Losing my father at 15 was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me and I know so many people reading this story will be able to relate in some way."

So far the group has raised more than £1,600, and with the three day ride taking place at the start of September there is still plenty of time to reach their target of £3,000.

But Lucy wasn't the only one affected by her father's death, and shared a letter written by her mother back in 2010.

“Jason went to the hospice the day before he died, and you could tell he immediately felt safe, secure, and that it was no longer a frightening time for him," the letter wrote.

"It is such an incredible place, in that not only can you go there and receive so much care, help and support, but also a hospice at home team are available to come to your house and give you help and medical care at home.

"They are truly dedicated and amazing people - many of whom volunteer to be there, and it is brilliant that this hospice exists to care for so many patients and their families."

Lucy asked that big or small, for people to donate to the cause, because as she put it, "everyone knows someone affected by this horrid disease."

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