A Southfields woman was so fed up having to buy a different handbag for every big occasion that she took it upon herself to change all of that.

Inventor Laura Camerer Cuss has designed her own range of customisable clutches and thinks it will be "the most versatile one you'll ever own."

"We believe you shouldn’t have to damage the planet just to look good but we appreciate most people like a new look," she said.

"This is why we developed a bag which can be used time and again yet can be revitalised whenever you want.

"We believe that if everyone accessorised more imaginatively, we could make better use of the items we already own and help reduce textile waste. What’s not to love?"

Called Stitchsmith, the new handbag will allow owners to re-cover it using any fabric, whether new or upcycled, over and over again.

"It also has interchangeable clasps and straps making it completely customisable," Laura added.

"The result is a bag that gives you all of the benefits of a fast fashion product without the financial or environmental drawbacks.

"There are plenty of customisable bags on the market, but they can only be personalised at the point of purchase from a limited range of options.

"However, when you buy a Stitchsmith clutch, you’re free to style the bag with your own fabric choices and embellishments. Then you can remove these and re-cover the clutch all over again. If you need a helping hand, ready-made covers by Stitchsmith will also be available."

The Stitchsmith clutch is launching on Kickstarter on 30th April 2019 at 7am. Orders will be fulfilled late 2019. The goal is to raise £60,000, which is the minimum required for the tooling and the first manufacturing run. Retailing from £250, early-bird Kickstarter backers can purchase their clutch from £125.