The decision to turn a carpark into a rooftop drinking venue has been met with outrage.

Plans were approved last week to allow the development of The Palmhouse on top of the Putney Exchange, despite nearly 400 objections.

Some of those objectors were Thamsfield ward councillors John Locker, Rosemary Torrington and Mike Ryder.

In a joint statement they said they were "very disappointed" by the decision.

"We all want to support the High Street and local business but it is clear that concerns about access, noise, loss of parking spaces, and the scale of these proposals remain as Cllr Rosemary Torrington made clear in her speech to the committee," it read.

"Ultimately the finely balanced debate focused on whether Incipio’s plans were for a restaurant or as a bar.

"Our view is that the planning committee was very clear that in granting permission it was doing so for restaurant use and would expect the conditions including the closing and dispersal times to be strictly enforced.

"Based on this and the strength of local concerns we urge Incipio to consider their next steps very carefully. It simply won’t work for them to adopt the same business plan and marketing strategy that they use for their other venues in Paddington and Olympia at this sensitive site in Putney. Incipio need to ensure that this is truly a restaurant focussed venue otherwise they risk a failed venture which helps no one. We shall continue our work to make this point to them.”

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In a statement posted on the Putney Exchange's website, it said they were "delighted" by the decision and plan to create a "green rooftop venue for all to enjoy."

"The Palmhouse will provide an essential point of difference for Putney in relation to its surrounding areas and breathe desperately needed life and vitality back into the town centre," it read.

"This is a very exciting development for Putney town centre as well all of us here at the Putney Exchange Shopping Centre and it is another step in our ongoing contribution towards the revitalisation and investment of Putney town centre."

The message added that the approved plans are "tailor-made" for Putney and differ from ones submitted (and subsequently withdrawn) last year.

"The Palmhouse ​concept takes on board and addresses the concerns raised during the first planning application and the improved plan that has now been approved delivers a unique proposition to Putney," it read.

"Therefore, a straight comparison of these venues should not be made as they have been created from different criteria.

"Incipio Group and Putney Exchange will create a rooftop eatery that Putney residents and workers will be proud of having within their town centre."

The approved capacity will allow 700 people at any one time and the venue will operate from midday to 11pm.