Parents have raised concerns about plans for a Balham school to become an academy.

A six-week long consultation was launched in April to gauge how parents would feel about Ravenstone Primary joining the Wandle Learning Trust.

A joint letter by co-chairpersons of Ravenstone Board of Governors, Rebecca Huggins and Andrew Cox as well as headteacher Joe Croft was sent out to parents and posted on the school's website.

It outlined why the school was looking to make the change.

"We are considering becoming an academy because we think doing so could bring some real benefits to your children," it read.

"No decisions have been made at this stage, and this letter is to set out some information and get your thoughts on the opportunity.

"From the outset, the governors recognised that becoming an academy represented a significant decision. Ravenstone is a successful, happy school where children thrive and whose distinctive ethos is valued by parents and governors alike. It is vital that this is maintained."

But not all think the move is all it is cracked up to be.

One parent with a child at a school - who requested to remain anonymous - said they school had a history of not listening to what people want.

"At the end of last year a consultation went through and was voted on to see if uniforms should be implemented," the parent said.

"65 per cent voted against, but they decided to implement it anyway which will come into place this September.

"The school told us they had been discussing it (academy merger) for more than a year.

"So why have they only given us a six-week consultation, with some of that being taken up by the Easter break?"

When those concerns were put to the Ravenstone, Mr Croft said they are open to any and all comments.

"Ravenstone’s leadership team and governors will always do what is best for the school and the children, so we are exploring options for the best way to do this in the future," he said.

"After careful analysis, we have decided to consult our community about the opportunity to join the Wandle Learning Trust.

"We are fully committed to being open and transparent throughout this process, and to listening carefully to the wide diversity of perspectives of our wonderful community, so that everyone involved has the information they need to understand and contribute to this important decision."

But the anonymous parent said any academy merger could bring a halt to that familiar feel.

"The school is over 100 years old people choose to send it because of the community," they added..

"The face of it is now changing and a lot of people are concerned they are treating the school like a business.

"It appears the decision will be made before summer term and it seems they want to do this without proper parent involvement."

The consultation is due to end on May 10.