A Clapham woman who spent 10 weeks working on a project fighting poverty in Kenya is now calling on other young people to take the plunge and consider volunteering overseas.

Anna Rammou, 25, travelled to the African nation in October 2018 with international development organisation VSO, as part of the UK government funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.

"Lots of young people and women in Kenya do not have access to employment opportunities and are unable to support themselves and their families," Ms Rammou said.

"Living below the level of poverty people are hopeless and turn to drugs and alcohol. Resources are so limited, and those that exist can be hard for young people to access.

"This means people don't know how to develop their skills, search for employment opportunities or start their own small business for a sustainable income."

She added that it was a life-changing experience and will look to use her new skills to benefit her community.

"I really felt that teaching entrepreneurship and business skills to these women and young people's groups was making a difference in the community," she said.

"It’s great to think that these conversations will help young people take control of their lives and go on to reach their full potential.

"I also got to experience a whole new culture and embed myself in a rural Kenyan community.

"One night under the starlit savannah sky talking to a young Masai warrior about his dreams for the future, I was able to realise that no matter where you are from, which religion you believe in or the colour of our skin, people smile, dream and feel in the same way."

Before leaving Kenya, she raised £1500 for VSO, which will ensure that communities in developing countries can continue to benefit from the work of volunteers.

"This was really successful and I managed to collect enough medicine enough for at least 30 patients and school supplies for more than 50 children," she said.

"I found it so worthwhile that I'm now looking for further opportunities to volunteer with refugees in Athens."