Two Wandsworth roads have been ranked as some of the most dangerous routes for motorcyclists in the UK, new figures have revealed.

An analysis of the latest government data has shown that the Wandsworth A3 is the ninth most risky road for motorcycle drivers, with the Wandsworth A3205 coming in at number ten.

The recently released figures, which cover the number of motorcycle accidents reported between 2016-17, have shown that 42 incidents took place on the A3, with 13 of these noted as being serious.

The A3205 saw less incidents with only 27 reported during the same year, only a four of which were described as being of a serious nature.

These results come as it was revealed that nine out of ten of the UK’s most dangerous roads were based in London, with the region being overwhelmingly the most treacherous for motorists travelling on two wheels.

This was a slight improvement for the capital as in the year previous, all ten of the most dangerous roads were found to be in London.

Analysis of 2017 records finds that the Powys A483 in Wales has now claimed the seventh spot for motor bike accidents.

Despite a 5 per cent decline in motorbikes accidents nationally, accidents in London have risen by 8% since 2016.

The region where accidents involving motorcyclists has decreased the most is the West Midlands, with 433 total accidents in 2017. In comparison, London had 3639 motorbike accidents over the same period.

Speaking on these figures, Bike Insurance Specialist at Swinton Insurance, Dan Agate said: "With Spring here, motorbike riders are more likely to be out on the open roads enjoying the weather, and we feel that it’s important to alert motorcyclists of the most dangerous roads in the UK and the places that they should approach with more caution.

"Similarly, we hope that this can serve as a stark reminder to all road users to be more alert to the increased presence of motorbikes.

"Whilst motorcyclists and drivers strive to be as safe as possible on UK roads, we hope that awareness of the most dangerous areas can go some way to making the roads a safer place for us all."