A charity fundraiser who has been organising a sponsored walk for more than a decade was welcomed to Buckingham Palace last week.

Trish Arathoon from Wandsworth has raised more than £30,000 for the Children's Society.

Her hard work and dedication resulted in her being invited to this special event on May 29.

After the event Trish said: “Despite the rain, it was a truly remarkable day and one I will definitely never forget.

"The gardens were beautiful and we had lots of fun chatting to the other guests. We also got to see the Queen.

"I felt very honoured to there. I love supporting the Children’s Society and organising the events - it’s very rewarding, I did not feel I really deserved such a unique thank you.”

Trish has been fundraising for the Children’s Society since 1987. She started as a box co-ordinator and then moved into organising Christingles, coffee mornings, garden parties and an annual sponsored walk.

Over the past decade the event has grown and now regularly attracts about 25 walkers and last time round made over £3,000.

A few years ago the other organiser sadly passed away, leaving Trish with all the responsibility, so the 71-year-old has decided to make this year the last one.

However, she has no plans to stop fundraising for the charity.

“I find fundraising so rewarding, especially for such a worthwhile cause," Trish added.

"I really admire how the Children’s Society is so forward thinking.

"They really raise awareness of the key issues of the time. Areas like supporting children of refugees and asylum seekers and children who have been criminally and sexually exploited.

"They are really important issues that affect young people today and I love knowing I am doing something to help.”