The 'loneliest' cat in Britain has left RSPCA staff 'sad' after it has waited more than 200 days for a new home.

Eight-year-old Honeybee, who purrs 'incredibly' loudly when she gets attention, has been waiting for nine months to be rehomed.

The 'affectionate' pus, was 'podgy' when she arrived at the RSPCA Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton branch in September last year, but has since lost weight through dieting.

Staff are upset nobody has snapped up Honeybee and suspect the cheap medicine she needs for an allergy on her tummy is putting people off.

Sarah Henderson, Animal Welfare Officer at the branch, said: "Honeybee is a really sweet and affectionate cat who loves a cuddle whilst chilling out on someone's lap.

"She will make someone a very loyal companion and she has the loudest, loveliest purr when she's getting a fuss.

"She needs inexpensive medication to help manage an autoimmune allergic response on her tummy and sadly this means she is getting overlooked."

Sarah added: "She came in rather podgy and has been on a successful diet which has given her loads more energy.

"The new owner will need to continue this diet and make sure she doesn't put the pounds back on.

"Honeybee will ideally need an experienced owner who has had cats before and would suit a calm home where she is the only cat.

"She has been used to going outside and would ideally like a garden to enjoy once she's settled in."

The average rehoming time for a cat is 27 days, meaning Honeybee has been homeless for 80% longer than the average rescue cat.

Sarah said: "Cats generally don't tend to stay in our care for too long so for poor Honeybee to be waiting more than 200 days is really unusual.

"She's such a friendly cat so hopefully someone will notice her and she won't be the loneliest cat in Britain for much longer."