More details have emerged of a stowaway whose body fell from a plane into a Clapham garden.

Police were called to Offerton Road on Sunday when the frozen body plunged from the landing gear of a Kenya Airways flight.

It narrowly missed a sunbather and one neighbour described hearing a "whomp" as the body hit the ground.

"I went upstairs to look out of a window," the neighbour said At first I though it was a tramp asleep in the garden.

"He had all of his clothes on and everything. I had a closer look and saw there was blood all over the walls of the garden.

"His head was not in a good way. I realised immediately that he had fallen."

On Wednesday, director general of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Gilbert Kibe, told BBC Africa: "Whoever it is most likely had access to the airside because with the way security is tight, it's unlikely that an outsider would have been able to make his way through to the airside where an aeroplane is parked and be able to climb in.

"I'm suspecting it's probably somebody who had access to the airside."

He said the captain or first officer would normally walk around the plane and check the undercarriage thoroughly before take-off.

Asked about security concerns the breach raised, he said: "That problem exists globally everywhere, it cannot be isolated to one airport."

Kenyan media reported British police have sent the dead man's fingerprints to authorities there to try to identify him.

A post-mortem will be carried out in due course, the force said, and the age of the individual has yet to be determined.

The death is not being treated as suspicious.

Inquiries are being conducted with the Met's southern central command unit and its aviation policing command.

The Met said it would be liaising with the airline and international authorities.