A giant inflatable cow was in Tooting on Thursday and here is why.

As part of World Plant Milk Day, animal rights organisation Animal Aid were joined by Martha the Cow to hand out free vegan ice-cream samples to members of the public.

In collaboration with Garret Lane's Vegan Express, the stunt was to promote the restaurant's new vegan ice-cream bar.

Animal Aid campaign manager, Tod Bradbury said: "The Tooting public were very welcoming and interested and certainly enjoyed sampling the vegan ice-cream.

"Many people spoke about how delicious it was and how they were going to visit Vegan Express in order to try more.

"It has never been an easier time to ditch dairy and adopt a plant-based vegan diet.

"Not only is the production of dairy horrendously cruel to the cows, goats and other animals who are confined in the dairy industry, it is also terrible for the environment. Plant-milks require less land, less water and produce much fewer greenhouse gas emissions that their animal-based counterparts.

"We would to thank the amazing people of Tooting for being so welcoming and open-minded and Vegan Express for providing the delicious vegan ice-cream."