The head of the Met Police's South West Borough Command Unit (BCU) is cycling 300 miles for Cancer Research after winning her own battle against the disease.

Sally Benatar leads the Met's operations in four South-West London Boroughs — Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth — and is taking to her bike as part of Cancer Research UK's Cycle 300 fundraiser.

The nationwide campaign spans September 2019 and encourages supporters to get pedalling either 200 or 300 miles throughout the month to help raise money and awareness for the charity.

Speaking to the Comet about her fundraiser, Ms Benatar described how her inspiration to raise money for Cancer Research followed her own encounter with the disease.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2017 and had treatment after that.

"I was very lucky that it was caught early and that I'm now fully recovered, cancer free and healthier than I was before, and I love cycling!" Ms Benatar said.

Wandsworth Times:

Describing her own battle with cancer candidly, Ms Benatar said that she owed her recovery to "luck and medical science and expertise" and cited the work Cancer Research UK do in particular.

"The work that Cancer Research UK do in developing research into all different types of cancer and I thought this was a really good thing to take part in.

"It will be a challenge for me as I've got to fit it into my job and family life too," she added.

Indeed, Ms Benatar's friends and family are also involved in her Cycle 300 efforts.

Her youngest daughter will join her and other friends on some of the cycles she will make for the fundraiser.

"Alice is also taking part. She's 10, so approximately one fifth of my age, and she's going to cycle one fifth of the challenge, so around 60 miles," she said.

The pair will rack up the miles in stages throughout September in order to fit into Ms Benatar's busy schedule as the Met Police's leader in South West London.

Wandsworth Times: Sally Benatar. Image via TwitterSally Benatar. Image via Twitter

As such the fundraiser will involve "getting up earlier or cycling after work and getting out on weekends" too in order to complete the 300 miles by the end of September.

She plans to focus her efforts largely near her home in Berkshire.

"Thankfully where I live is really flat because hills would have been an added challenge!" Ms Benatar pointed out.

The Met Police leader has faced a similar test of endurance for a similar cause before.

Last September, she cycled a coast to coast route from Whitehaven to Tynemouth for Breast Cancer Haven, raising over £2,000.

Having already smashed her fundraising total for this year's efforts, the hope will be to live up to her efforts last year.

"I'm really determined and looking to raise awareness and money for this much-needed research," Ms Benetar said.

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