Police in Wandsworth were recognised this week for going above and beyond their call of duty during the past year.

The South West BCU commendation ceremony saw officers awarded for their exceptional service.

Below are the stories that saw the police receive those awards.

Wandsworth Times:

PC Brooks

PC Brooks is presented with a Royal Humane Society Award after his swift actions saved the life of a girl, aged 10 in Tooting.

He conducted CPR and after less than a minute of chest compressions, the girl choked, blinked, started to breathe and made a full recovery.

Wandsworth Times:

Gavin Morris

Gavin Morris was crossing Putney Bridge when he came across a man attempting to end his life.

He pulled him to safety and held on until police arrived to assist. Gavin’s bravery and quick-thinking undoubtedly saved the life of the man on the bridge.

Wandsworth Times:

PC Reynolds and Green

PCs Reynolds and Green attended a nursing centre after a resident went into cardiac arrest.

They used CPR & a defibrillator for 90 mins but sadly, despite their best efforts, the resident passed away. We commend the officers for their professionalism and dedication.

Wandsworth Times:

PC Hind

Armed only with his CS spray, PC Hind confronted a woman who had attacked a bus passenger with a large kitchen knife.

He put himself in harm’s way in order to protect others and managed to disarm her of the knife. He is commended for courage and professionalism

Wandsworth Times:

Following the tragic murder of Ian Tomlin in Battersea, the community was shocked and fearful.

Queenstown Police worked tirelessly to rebuild confidence in the police and reduce the fear of crime in the area. They are commended for their dedication and community engagement.

Wandsworth Times:

DC Marsh

DC Marsh investigated a man who impersonated a woman in order to lure men into sex.

The case was the first of its kind to go to court, and the suspect was convicted and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. DC Marsh is commended for her professionalism and victim care.

Wandsworth Times:

Commended for professionalism, diligence and teamwork.

Seven detectives conducted a kidnap investigation, working over 20 hour days to find the victim. Their hard work resulted in the victim being rescued and the offenders charged with kidnap, false imprisonment and assault.

Wandsworth Times:

CID officers are commended for professionalism, diligence and teamwork for disrupting a South American organised crime network committing residential burglaries in the UK.

Due to officers’ hard work, suspects were charged with 39 offences and stolen property recovered.

Wandsworth Times:

Assisting a female in a mental health crisis, PCs Porter and Keys noticed bruising.

Having built a rapport they asked her about it. Sadly, she’d been sexually assaulted. This could’ve gone unreported if it hadn’t been for the officers’ compassion and professionalism.

Wandsworth Times:

PC Quatorze

A group of six men were stopped for a search.

One made off, throwing an object over a wall. PC Quatorze caught him, the area was searched and a large zombie knife found. Thanks to PC Quatorze, the suspect was convicted of drugs offences and possessing an offensive weapon.