The artwork that will adorn the ticket halls of two new Underground stations on the Northern line extension have been revealed.

The two new designs are expected to be unveiled at the Battersea and Nine Elms stops when the extension opens in autumn 2021.

Art on the Underground announced that the commissions from Alexandre da Cunha and Samara Scott will be incorporated into the entrances of the two new Underground stations.

Da Cunha’s commission, a monumental kinetic sculpture reflecting on daily cycles titled 'Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset', will be installed at the new station at Battersea and will stretch to almost 100 metres in length.

Wandsworth Times:

Changing colour panels at Battersea Power Station (TfL image)

The artist said: “Although the core of this piece is colour and its reference to landscape, the work focuses on the idea of movement, cycle and repetition.

"The analogue aspect of the panels function as an antidote to our constant relationship with digital media, a counterpoint to screens acting as an extension of our bodies.”

Da Cunha uses an outdated advertising mechanism - the rotating billboard - to create two friezes which will face each other along the length of the ticket hall.

Inspired by the former control room at Battersea Power Station and its system of vertical bars that regulated the production and output of electricity into the city, the work refers to cycles, routine, the everyday and eternity.

Wandsworth Times:

Changing colour panels at Battersea Power Station (TfL image)

Cllr Ravi Govindia, co-chair of the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership and leader of Wandsworth Council said: “We are delighted to welcome these artists as their creations become part of the fabric of Nine Elms and Battersea.

“These striking artworks reflect our local landscape as well as the changing nature of our neighbourhoods as they are transformed both above and below ground.”

Samara Scott’s work at Nine Elms Tube station will mark the artist’s first permanent public commission internationally, and will take the form of a network of richly coloured pools embedded in the station architecture.

Wandsworth Times:

Samara Scott's Nine Elms artwork includes scavenged objects (TfL Image)

Scott has conceived an ambitious nine metre high artwork set into the concrete panels of the ticket hall. It will take the form of coloured liquid ‘spillages’ in excavated sections of the concrete panels, containing objects and materials collected from the local area.

Scott said: “I am interested in archiving a rapidly mutating landscape; I find the Nine Elms area a surreal tapestry of high-rise 3D rendered bionic futurism, a horizon of furious construction. All these superimpositions, layers of Latin community over medieval river beds, office worker transit, squatter communities, gay subculture histories and Sunday junk markets all lapping at the tideline of the old motorway belt into the city: the Thames.

"I want to find a way to talk about these things simultaneously butting and bleeding into each other at the tideline, and the cultural pollution-pollination in a city through materiality.”