A nine-day long festival where you can walk through a maze of musicians and dancers has arrived.

The Colourscape Music Festival will run from September 14 until September 22 and will feature an array of different designs and experiences.

But what exactly is a 'Colourscape'?

Well the company that runs the event, Eye Music Trust, describes them as walk-in structures of colour and light, originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70s, of which more than 35 have been made, in many different sizes and shapes.

"Each of the Colourscapes have different qualities and functions," the organisers added.

"Festival One and Two for presentations of larger-scale performances, events and workshops.

"Moonorooni for workshops and performances on smaller sites.

"Mirror Islands and Wings for experiences of pure colour and light.

"Smaller structures include ColourDome and Sky Holes."

Once inside a Colourscape, it appears much like a maze, except with musicians and dancers around the corner.

But before you're allowed in, there is one thing you must do.

"Before you enter Colourscape you put on a coloured cloak so that you become part of the colour experience," the organisers added.

"After that you can explore freely, creating your own journey and experience."