A Wandsworth man is looking to give back to the community that has served him well for the past two decades.

Darren Bolger moved to the borough in 2000 to set up his first residential building business.

Fifteen years later he was even awarded the Badge of Honor by the mayor of Wandsworth.

But now the entrepreneur has started a new business to give back to community projects.

"We all see far too many horrific stories about knife crime and general unruly behaviour by young people nowadays," Mr Bolger said.

"Yet, there is very little to give direction and opportunity to these people in a time of Insta-influencers and the images of a luxury lifestyle."

That's where his work with The Home Club kicks in.

The business is for homeowners who are looking to either, sell or refurbish their homes. But Mr Bolger said that 50 per cent of all profits will be used for schemes within the borough.

"It's about supporting initiatives that are both already positively impacting many people’s lives within our communities and assisting with the development of new initiatives," he said.

"I try my level best to give something back to the community but I am always left feeling that I should do more."

One such initiative that he has been involved with includes the BMX Jam in Kimber Road which gives young people a space to interact with each other away from the streets.

"Giving people opportunities that drive interest away from crime and its supposed trappings of wealth and fun by giving these opportunities will become instrumental in reducing crime and bettering the local community by making a safer environment," he added.

"The home is where we all feel safe and secure whatever the day brings and there is something about this word, home, that I find is bringing most people and brands to engage and give back for the sake of our great nation."

The money raised from this project will be presented to Wandsworth Council in late November, which will then be paid to charities and community projects.