A Putney man is looking to put his road on the map the best way he knows how - through gardening.

Hugh Thompson has lived in Festing Road for 13 years and for the past seven years has taken it upon himself to plant and water seven tree plots along the street.

"For a little bit of effort a lot of joy is given," he said.

"When I am not around neighbours quickly step up to do the watering and several houses make it easier by the use of their front garden taps. This is very much for and by the street.”

Wandsworth Times:

The flowers have come to life in recent weeks and Mr Thompson hopes that by doing this, Festing Road will be know for more than just giving inspiration to cartoon character Mr Benn's home.

But it isn't always sunshine and roses.

"The real problem, besides the effort of sometimes daily watering is the lack of soil," Mr Thompson added.

"This means a modest outlay every year on compost and stable manure to give the sun flowers, nasturtiums and other bedding plants a chance."

Wandsworth Times:

He added that while some flower beds support shrubs and exotic grasses, others can be more problematic.

“We thought dogs and vandalism would be the problem but any damage has come from car doors," he said.

"Different sides of the street get different amount of sunshine which also makes a difference.

"But overall it's a win-win situation.”