When Wandsworth man Ron Goldsmith was diagnosed with kidney cancer his family were heartbroken.

He now can't work due to the serious weight loss he suffered since undergoing treatment.

His wife, Sandra, now takes care of him as he is unable to move around unaided, which is no easy task for her as she suffers from arthritis in her legs, was recently told she has a heart condition and to top it off has asthma.

"It was quite a shock really," their son Lewis told the Wandsworth Times.

"Up until April he was in good health. Then he had a couple of stomach complaints and it’s all gone from there."


Lewis said his parents are proud people, but in recent weeks have been finding it more and more difficult to move around their own home.

That's when another of their four children came up with an idea of installing a stairlift at their home in Brathway Road. But those don't come cheap.

"We would've loved to be able to fund it ourselves but we just didn't have the spare cash," Lewis continued.

"They would love to stay in their own home, and we as a family would love for them to stay there.

"Our mum and dad are the strongest people we know, and it breaks our hearts to see them struggle in this way."

Wandsworth Times:

Ron on the new stairlift

That is when the siblings decided to set up a GoFundMe page with the hope of raising £3,000.

"We sat down with mum and dad and really had to convince them to let us do this," Lewis added.

"My mum is always helping other people and to the people who know them they are very loving people."

But never did they think they would get the reaction they did.

Less than a week after the fundraiser was started, the £3,000 target had already been reached.

"Not in a million years did we expect to raise the full amount," Lewis said.

"We have all been truly overwhelmed by the donations and everybody who helped, it's been heartwarming.

"Now we've managed to pay the deposit for the stairlift and it was installed on Tuesday."