First it was May when a group of would-be Wandsworth residents were supposed to have moved into their new homes.

Then it was June, then August and then October.

Now the group won't even get to celebrate Christmas in the place they one day hope to call home; the Wandsworth Exchange development.

"We knew that there could be delays with new builds but developer L&Q have been changing their dates at the last minute, and from the end of October emailed us daily telling us we'd be moving in 'imminently'," one frustrated person who requested to remain anonymous said.

"We were only told last week we wouldn't be moving in until the New Year and because I have been strung along like this I didn't sign a lease anywhere else so I am now homeless at Christmas. Even now we are still in limbo as we don't have an actual estimated date."

Emails sent to residents by L&Q which have been seen by the Wandsworth Times used words such as "estimate" and "subject to change" when describing the dates residents could look to move in.

But the anonymous person said had they known the delays would be so long and so constant, they wouldn't have moved in at all.

"L&Q put so much pressure on us to exchange contracts in January," they added.

"It means my solicitors have had my deposit money for nearly a year now, so I have lost out on money I could have earned in interest, not to mention money I have lost paying for storage units, cancelled furniture orders and commuting from a relative's home two hours out of London."

When contacted for comment, a spokesman for L&Q said they were doing "everything they could" to provide support.

“We understand how frustrating this situation must be for our customers, who have been looking forward to moving into their new homes," the spokesman said.

“Our main contractor, United Living, has completed the construction of the first buildings at the development. However, final sign-off by Building Control inspectors at the National House Building Council (NHBC) must be secured before the new homes can be accepted as ready for occupancy.

“United Living has submitted all the relevant technical information to the NHBC inspectors, but unfortunately the process is taking longer than expected. Our team is chasing the inspectors regularly for confirmation that they have reviewed, and are satisfied with, our technical reports.

“We’ve always been clear with customers that move-in dates are estimates, and can be affected by progress on site. Our sales team is in regular contact with the affected customers to keep them informed, and we expect that the new homes will be ready for occupancy early in the New Year.”

Now the would-be resident feels they have no choice but to wait and hope.

"I was so looking forward to moving in to my new flat but the continuous delays and poor communication from L&Q and United Living has been so disappointing and taken away the excitement," they said.

"It’s devastating to not be able to spend time in your own home at Christmas."