A former Lambeth Council officer has left her job to join the line-up for this year’s new winter Love Island in South Africa.  

The 25-year-old democratic services officer was responsible for making sure Lambeth Council worked in an open and honest way. 

The job entails ensuring that the correct procedures are followed in the council’s decision-making process, as well as maintaining and updating the council forward plan. 

It also involves advising council committees on relevant legislation, informing them of what can and cannot be done. 

A Lambeth council spokesperson said: “Shaughna no longer works at Lambeth Council.  

“However we wish her all the best, and good luck as a Love Island contestant.” 

Shaughna, who describes herself as “easy-going, but a little bit bossy”, will enter the Cape Town Villa on Sunday with the first batch of contestants.  

She said in her entry video: “I’m chatty, funny and clever – people won’t expect it from me. 

“When they hear me speak about certain things they’ll be shocked.” 

She said that she wants someone she can “watch the news with and have a conversation about it”. 

But she added: “I’m definitely up for having fun when it comes to love.” 

Her ideal man is “funny, a little bit smart, but not smarter than me”. 

The worst chat up line used on her was: “If you were on a McDonald’s menu, you’d be a McGorgeous.”