A CCTV appeal has been launched in Wandsworth to catch fly-tippers in the act.

To address this head-on, the council is clamping down on those who think they can get away with this illegal behaviour.

CCTV footage of people illegally dumping mattresses, sofas and other rubbish will be published on Wandsworth’s YouTube channel, asking residents to give the council any information they have about the fly-tippers in the videos.

Councillor Steffi Sutters, environment spokesman said: “The vast majority of our residents do the right thing and dispose of their rubbish properly.

"Unfortunately, the irresponsible few think they can get away with dumping rubbish illegally. They can’t. In response, we are launching this campaign to clamp down on this unnecessary behaviour, and we need your help to catch the people in these videos.

“Do get in touch if you recognise anyone, so we can investigate and help keep our borough looking clean, tidy and at its best.”

Email flytipwitness@wandsworth.gov.uk with the reference number if you recognise anyone in the video of people dumping rubbish on Mellison Road, Tooting.