Scammers pretending to be waste collectors are stealing from Lambeth residents.  

Jennifer Brathwaite, deputy leader of Lambeth Council, warned that people are offering to take away bulky waste for £70, but will actually take the rubbish and dump it on the street.  

“Be aware that there are scammers impersonating Lambeth Council waste collectors offering to take away bulky waste for £70. Don’t fall for it.  

“Our recycling depots are closed and any scammers offering ‘waste collection services’ will simply dump them on our streets,” she said.  

The fraud is one of many circulating in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.  

Fraudsters have also been going door-to-door posing as coronvirus testers, as well as scamming people online shopping for items such as personal protective equipment which never arrives.  

In a bid to combat scammers in London, the Met Police has recruited volunteers to drop off ‘Little Book of Phone Scams’ booklets to homes to help people avoid getting caught out, and are phoning victims of cyber crimes to check on how they are doing. 

Commander Catherine Roper, the MPS lead for crime prevention, inclusion and engagement, said: “Sadly, there are some people out there who will try and capitalise on coronavirus in order to take advantage of others, especially the more vulnerable members of our communities. 

“Our dedicated volunteers, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), dropped these leaflets through letter boxes in order to make sure that the right people are getting the right advice about how they can look after themselves during this public health crisis.  

“Now they are following up and supporting victims of crime and helping them to avoid becoming victims again. 

“It’s been a non-stop couple of days for our volunteers, and our dedicated COVID19 Volunteer Coordination Hub, who are supporting us to protect some of the most vulnerable people in London and helping them to stay safe.  

“Their dedication and support is crucial in helping the MPS family and we are extremely thankful to have them joining us.”