A three-year-old from Sutton celebrated her incredible fundraising efforts after raising thousands for the NHS in her rainbow walk fundraiser.

Daisy Briggs, has been wearing a different colour of the rainbow each day on her daily walk, in the hopes to raise 'lots of money for the NHS.'

Daisy's mother, Rea Briggs, 34, was told the chances of Daisy walking were near to impossible, due to her spinal condition, Spina Bifida.

Three years later, Daisy has done the impossible and has been proudly walking for the NHS, at 25 metres at a time.

The endearing three-year-old who loves bright colours completed her mission, today, (April 30) in line with Captain Toms birthday.

Wandsworth Times:

For daisy and her family, this fundraiser marks a monumental moment in Daisy's life, who has demonstrated strength from the moment she was born.

Daisy, who spent her first five weeks of life in St Georges Hospital battled suspected meningitis/ sepsis in St Georges neonatal wards.

At four weeks old, the little soldier had a shunt fitted after being diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the brain.

Daisy then had two further brain surgeries and three other surgeries but "remains the happiest little girl in the world".

Speaking about Daisy's triumph, her mother, Rea Briggs said: "We are completely blown away by everyone’s generosity, people have been so kind and we are so grateful.

"Today was our last day and Daisy’s loved every minute of it.

"I am beyond proud of Daisy, it’s a level of proud I can’t quite describe.

"It means the world to us as the NHS has saved Daisy’s life on multiple occasions.

"This is a thank you for everything they have done for our family and the entire nation.

"She has worked so hard to get to where she is now and we are so proud of her.

"Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us in this fundraiser."

Donations reached £6890 out of the targeted £100 at the time of publishing.

Wandsworth Times: Daisy celebrates her final walk Daisy celebrates her final walk

Daisy's family would like to give a 'special thanks' to her medical teams at St. George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children.

If you would like to donate, visit Daisy's rainbow walk for the NHS at Daisy's Rainbow Walk for the NHS