Aldi has presented Ravenstone Primary School with a large breakfast donation to ensure children of key workers stay healthy in response to the outbreak.

Ravenstone Primary School has stayed open to provide schooling for children of key workers, including supermarket colleagues, the NHS, Police and other essential services during the pandemic.

The breakfast items include a selection of low-sugar cereals to ensure children are eating healthily and can concentrate on their day ahead.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: "Aldi has donated breakfast items to 10 schools across the UK, including Ravenstone Primary School to ensure that the children attending school, start the day right and are ready for a day of learning.

"We hope that by donating cereals to Ravenstone, parents can concentrate on supporting the nation and leave the children being fed to Aldi."

Headteacher of Ravenstone Primary School, Joe Croft, said: “We’re incredibly thankful to Aldi for the donation.

"This will help to ensure all of our children start the school day full of energy and ready to learn."