A 9-year-old from Tooting has raised more than £3000 for the NHS through his running crowdfunder.

Elijah Storey, pupil at Beecholme Primary School, decided to run 111 miles in thirty days, after being inspired by Captain Tom's fundraising efforts.

The determined 9-year-old has been running around Tooting Common with his mother by his side, since April 16.

Elijah, who has been running for the past 27 days, says he must power through until the very end, which is, this Sunday, May 17.

Speaking to Wandsworth Times, Elijah Storey said: "I was inspired by what Captain Tom Moore did recently, so I chose to run 111 miles in thirty days.

"He is a great role model because he has done something incredible considering his age.

" I am feeling absolutely exhausted after twenty-seven days of running.

"Some days are a lot harder than others, but I have powered through.

"I hope my fundraising run will brighten up these dark times."

Elijah's mother, Raianne Storey, said: "Some days have of course been tougher than others.

"He has been out in all weathers including heavy rainfall and very cold winds resulting in sore hands and dusty eyes.

"One-day last week, he even ran around Tooting Common in just his socks when blisters formed on each foot.

"On that day, he didn't have quite the right trainer/sock/insole combo but was still determined to finish.

"Elijah is a very vibrant little boy who has used his guts and determination, along with his love of exercise to get him through this gruelling challenge

"We all intend to go together on his last run on Sunday, as it will be a pretty big moment for him to have run so far.

"He has surpassed both his distance and fundraising targets."

Money raised will go to 'NHS Charities Together', which supports staff and volunteers who are looking after those affected by coronavirus.

Donations reached £3550 out of the targeted £1111 at the time of publishing.

To donate, visit at https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/elijah-nhs111