Work on the Railton low traffic neighbourhood between Brixton and Herne Hill started on Saturday after a road was made access only.

Council workers put temporary barriers – modal filters – in place in Shakespeare Road over the weekend, which aim to stop rat-running and promote cycling and walking.  

Only cyclists, walkers, and emergency vehicles should drive through, while a sign on one barrier warns that cameras and fines will follow. 

Wandsworth Times:

Another modal filter was also put in place in St Matthew’s Road.

The Shakespeare Road barriers are located at the junction with Mayall Road and north of the Railway bridge, while the St Matthew’s Road modal filter is between the St Matthews estate TRA Hall and the Trinity Congregational Church.

The move was the first in a series of changes planned for the area – the council will also be introducing bus gates at Atlantic Road, Marcus Garvey Way, and Herne Place. 

Wandsworth Times:

The temporary bus gates, to be put in place in the next few weeks, will make the area access only for vehicles, but emergency services, buses, and bin lorries will still be able to drive through.  

The council is also planning to make space for businesses and social distancing by extending footways into the road. 

Businesses will be able to use the space for extra tables and chairs should they wish to. 

Wandsworth Times:

The Atlantic Road bus gate will be located at the Atlantic Road junction with Coldharbour Lane and with Vining Street.  

According to the proposals, properties and parking spaces in Vining Street will still be accessible from Railton Road either via Kellett Rd or Saltoun Road.  

Service vehicles will be able to access local businesses from Kellett Rd or Saltoune Rd road and will be able to load and unload in the dedicated business space created by the new temporary street furniture.  

Planters and signage will enforce the traffic restrictions, while a 3.5m gap will allow pedestrians, cyclists buses, emergency service vehicles access. 

Another bus gate will be in place at the Railton Road junction with Marcus Garvey Way and at the south section of Railton Road, by Herne place. 

Wandsworth Times: Wandsworth Times: