Temperatures in London will continue to soar on Thursday (June 25) and are predicted to hit 32° Celcius in the capital according to the Met Office.

The national meteorological body warned Londoners that this week's heatwave was set to continue through Thursday with lows of 21 degrees later into the night.

"Thursday will be very hot by the afternoon with strong sunshine," the daily Met Office forecast for the region described on Thursday.

"Easterly winds will increase through the day, and this may keep some coastal areas cooler. Maximum temperature 33 °C.

"Tonight: Mostly dry start with cloud generally increasing, and this brings an increasing risk of thunderstorms moving northwards. Another noticeably warm night..." It added.

Summer temperatures are likely to rise even higher in London and other areas of the UK amid the ongoing climate crisis.

Last year, the UK recorded its hottest ever temperature, measured at 38.7°C on July 25 in Cambridge.

The Met Office have said that the escalating climate crisis is behind soaring summer temperatures.

According to a recent June 2020 study worked on by academics at Imperial College London, extreme variation between hot and colder days in Northern Hemisphere summers can be expected in the coming years.

"Extremely hot days are expected to become even more stark as the average global temperature rises under climate change," one researcher said analysing the study.