The Streetcube sustainable food project have announced their latest venture in the form of a new organic and sustainable food market billed as the biggest in London.

Streetcube's Great Sustainable Organic Market opens this Friday on Wandsworth High Street's Piazza and will bring "some of the nation's most ethical farmers and organic food producers to join them."

Already established as a pop-up food stall in Wandsworth since 2019, the latest iteration of the project — launched by acclaimed chef Raymond Blanc — aims to promote its ethical, environmentalist approach to cuisine to the food market scene.

Ahead of the opening Founder Pascal Gerrard said the looming climate crisis meant that sustainable food was more essential then ever for humanity going forward:

"Our soil is one of the most critically important elements in the overall health of us all," he pointed out.

"It is by far one of the biggest carbon sinks we have, we simply cannot continue to pump the land full of chemicals, as it releases more CO2, kills essential pollinators and insects, and humans ingest the chemicals and suffer all manor of gut health issues as a result.

"Our farmers need help and support to grow better, more nutritious food and to work with our chefs to help reduce our impact on the planet," Pascal added.

Wandsworth Times: The food market is running Friday through Sunday. The food market is running Friday through Sunday.

Indeed, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the chef said that now was the ideal time to move away from bad food habits in general given what we know regarding the origins of Covid-19.

"I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about sustainability, in fact most of us are still getting to grips with it, but given that the Covid-19 pandemic is a result of our poor food hygiene standards, lack of consideration for nature, and the rising risks of zoonotic diseases, we absolutely must radically change our food systems," he said.

Environmentalists have long documented the unsustainability of the existing globalised, industrial food system that relies heavily on transporting foodstuffs around the world, deforestation to grow crops like palm oil or for cattle, and using massive amounts of fresh water to sustain crops.

Streetcube said they also want to challenge the damaging impacts a greater use of industrial chemicals in our agriculture can also have:

"Chemicals degrades our soil and eventually kills it, releasing all it’s stored CO2, killing all the microorganisms and making it infertile," a spokesperson said.

They added that they hope the Great Sustainable Organic Market will show food shoppers another way and, in doing so, "translate the local nutrition into delicious sustainable Street Gastronomy."

The market opens on Wandsworth High Street Piazza from 10am.