A market trader who cleaned streets in Tooting after the reopening of pubs and restaurants on Saturday (July 4) amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tooting Metropolitan Police posted a message of thanks to Luis, who they said worked at Tooting Market, after revealing he had helped sweep the streets after drinkers returned to bars and pubs in the area, with many appearing to have left their rubbish behind them.

In a Twitter post, a spokesperson for Tooting MPS said:

"Another thank you to Luis from Tooting Market.

"He cleaned up the mess left by people on his own last night into the early hours, he refused our help so we could stay on the streets of #Tooting.

"Please, if you are attending the market tonight, #enjoyresponsibly and don't litter!"

Luis runs the Minas Shop and Grill in Tooting with his partner Mina and regularly helps clean up market spaces according to the Tooting Market Twitter page, who also thanked him for his efforts recently.

"Big thanks to local legend Luis, who runs the fabulous @MinasshopGrill with his wife Mina!

"Not only is Luis an incredible cook, he is on call 24/7 to lend a helping hand and cleans up the Totterdown Market entrance on a daily basis! The embodiment of community spirit & pride!" The account posted on June 29.

Saturday saw drinkers flock to pubs and restaurants across South London after months of closure amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with many appearing to flout physical distancing measures suggested by health professionals and the government, who ordered the reopening.