Police approved themselves powers to disperse gatherings on an estate in Battersea this evening (July) after reports of an "unlicensed music event" on Wednesday night (July 8).

The Wandsworth branch of the Met Police said that the dispersal order, which means people who don't disperse from a certain area after being asked to by police are deemed to be committing a criminal offence, was issued in response to a illegal i.e. unlicensed music event in a residential area of Battersea.

The unlicensed event happened Wednesday night on Park Court Road in Battersea, police said.

In response, they approved officers the authority to disperse gatherings across an entire housing estate in the area on Thursday night through 2am on Friday morning (July 10).

A spokesperson for Wandsworth MPS described the order in further detail in posts on Twitter:

"Due to disorder created by an unlicensed music event in Park Court, Battersea Park Road, Battersea, last night, a Section 35 Dispersal Order was authorised for the entire boundary of the Park Court Estate.

"This is in effect until 02:00AM on Friday 10th July.

"When in effect, it is an offence to:

"Fail to comply with a direction from PCs/PCSOs to disperse from the area

"Fail to surrender items likely to cause antisocial behaviour when asked by PCs/PCSOs

"Return within a specified period after directed to disperse from the area."

Section 35 order derives from the 2014 Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

It grants police heightened, temporary powers to detain and confiscate items of people gathering in certain areas, and has been criticised by NGOs.

Thursday's announcement of a Section 35 order came just days after police in Wandsworth issued one in response to an illegal rave in Tooting Bec, as the Wandsworth Times reported previously.