A public consultation on ward boundary changes in Lambeth launched on Tuesday (July 14).  

The Local Government Boundary Commission looks at ward boundaries when the population of electors – residents with the right to vote – changes. 

It aims to make sure councillors across the borough represent a similar number of people. 

The Commission would like to hear views on the number of wards, the names of wards, where the boundaries between wards should lie, and the number of councillors per ward, any of which could change. 

Lambeth is currently split into 21 electoral wards, while each is represented by three councillors elected every four years. 

Since the last review in 1999 the population in some of the wards has grown more than others and there is more development taking place, particularly in the north of the borough. 

The first stage of the consultation will last until September 21.  

Following this, the Commission will propose draft changes, which will be consulted on from January 5 to March 15. Its final recommendations will be published on June 1 next year. 

The Commission has recommended that Lambeth stick with 63 councillors, the same number it has now. 

The review will also try to create wards that, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of communities across Lambeth.

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