A new online business directory has been launched, which hopes to raise the profile of Earlsfield’s vibrant community.

Smaller than its neighbours Clapham, Tooting and Wimbledon, Earlsfield has traditionally been seen as the South West’s more quiet, residential suburb.

But local entrepreneur Gabriela Ducat is hoping to refresh that image, by creating Earlsfield Local, a website dedicated to community businesses.

The “local hub of information” allows residents to register and interact with nearby businesses, via messages, comments and ratings. It will also be a forum for news, events and resources in Earlsfield and the surrounding area.

A long-standing resident, Mrs Ducat originally created a Facebook group of the same name, to draw attention to the goings-on in the neighbourhood.

Over the last six years, the group has amassed over 3,000 followers, as a stream of young professionals have come to the area.

Wandsworth Times:

The entrepreneur and mum-of-two said she wanted to advertise the “younger and more hip” side of Earlsfield, especially the buzzing local bars, restaurants, cafés.

The new platform allows any business to register, regardless of its size. The only condition is that it is genuinely local.

Already, 150 businesses are signed up, but Mrs Ducat hopes to help micro-businesses, such as independent traders, freelancers and start-ups, get off their feet.

Whether they appear on Google maps or have a website, those offering services such as nannying, cleaning or plumbing can register for the site.

Mrs Ducat says that in today’s difficult times, the local community can be strengthened through entrepreneurship.

“When people buy a product from a local shop or use a local service business, they not only support the local economy, but they also support their neighbours," she added.

“They get to meet local business owners, help them and their businesses to survive, help to feed their families, pay their bills and put a roof over their head.”

Standard registration for the directory is free, but premium listings are available at a small charge. You can register or find out more here.