An enterprising young pupil from Falcons School for Girls, in Woodborough Road, Putney, has hosted her own bring-and-buy sale, raising much-needed funds for local charities.

Robyn Gilbert, 11, had the initiative to set up a stall on the driveway of her family’s home, raising £600 by selling items such as toys, books and games to her neighbours and friends.

The money raised will be split evenly between FiSH Neighbourhood Care, based in Barnes, and the NHS.

FiSH aims to combat loneliness and social isolation in older and vulnerable people living in Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen.

Falcons School Headmistress, Mrs Sara Williams-Ryan, praised her pupil’s efforts.

“We are very proud of Robyn for using her initiative to embark on this charitable project, demonstrating her resourcefulness and desire to help others.”

“At Falcons School for Girls, we place great importance on charitable actions and widely encourage our pupils to give something back to their local community, to instil within them from a young age a sense of empathy and the importance of giving.”